To the expansive flow third eye Go Pro mat I go I go
in pursuit of the path or road to the path the one with no toll but
to be just in this place right here under me right now at this time since that’s all I
really ever really have anyway right or hold or have right now.
Wake up. Expaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand.

I have organically acquired multiple gurus as that is or was
my intention whilst I eagerly manifest the truth that being my truth and
am in slovenly pursuit of my inner self in a kind of hatefully wonderful bipolar way.

My limits are non quantifiable along with my inner thoughts which are
most of the time collected in my decaf subconscious (at least the experienced side) as I
am rorschach shadowing the HOV lane of the eightfold path that in actuality only has ONE path
the rest being ladders and chutes and elevated highways and is
that someone’s cell phone ringing?

My shared prana just one drop in the ocean of the transformed manifestation as I
breathe hold release inhalation exhalation and thought awareness releases cleansing
my spinal energies and it’s rooted and well established and
why is always so f#*king cold in here it’s like a hospital!

Now be a little taller the intention being to lengthen the spine expand
and open up and breathe then return to the breath follow it in and out and in out in and
oh my God look at her feet dammit girl get a pedicure!

Pushing the breathe into the back and cycling down and
you surrender to the moment to the now to the process
in honor of my divinity and those whose divinity came before ours
and seriously where is the instructor this pose has gone on for way too long my
hair is in my face is it over yet holy crap where is she?

Transition slowly now to your favorite side and take two breaths here gently gently pushing up
through the chakras as the breath exhales over your heart honor this time honor the self and the
teacher in all of our energetic collective connectedness and
Namaste it’s 6:15 hell yeah that means forty five more minutes of happy hour prices!



Tara Lynn Hawk is a poet, writer and artist. Her work has appeared on Occulum, Anti-Heroin Chic, Uut, Spelk, Excavating the Underground, Spilling Cocoa, Social Justice Poetry and others. Her poetry chapbook, The Dead, is available on Smashwords. You can find more of her at and @taralynnhawk

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