bird # 54

slow monkeys weep for
star in a styrofoam cup
spastic current
the dollar jail

shadows driving saffron
fortune steering teardrops
kings ride the midfield
dogs in careless light

fingers fatten alleyways
sumac ply a water drip
barbed wire swallows
glitter dims his babylon

stomachs hide
nature’s leave
streetlights wart
her whore birds

beasts drive the lips
lust spits halo spirit
silent gods fly by night
in this lustless trailer park


Darren Francis writes and makes music. He is the author of Spell, Skin, Belong, and co-author of Jack Palmer & The Unspeakable Thing. He was a member of the industrial band Cubanate and has recorded six spoken word-with-music albums and six albums with the band Logos.