Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Sometimes, I think I want to be a teacher.
Other times, I think I want to be a rare creature
Like a unicorn, because what else could I be
But teetering on the edge on insanity?
I’m a mentally ill wreck that sometimes
Can’t get out of bed until the clock chimes
Past noon. Why would people trust me
To look after their children. Humanity
Is not yet that desperate for educators
That they would look past the many indicators
Of my insanity. Surely, they must see
My frequent and loud use of profanity
And dismiss me as an irreverent anarchist,
Preferring the more traditional protagonist.
But I think, these kids, they need to be free.
It’s not just a pathetic form of vanity,
Born of a need to be helpful and good
At something to do with adulthood;
I think they might really need me,
Along with my own type of insanity.


Emily Ash is a 19 year old from Britain. They are retaking their A-levels right now, and hope to go to uni next year. Their favourite poet is Spike Milligan.

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