“Compliant to assault”

Crimson beams of your dream uphold my sentiments,
It is indifferent to normal, I yet have no resentments,
The chilling twilight tide might answer better,
Our questions were few but we couldn’t cater,
I’m not your mistakes, love!
You sought below, I neither reside above,
Mine too nurtures magic, like every other hand,
I can butter up behind your eye lids without a wand,
My potions don’t blemish the pathos of a dark,
I can hug your instincts, I can ignite your spark,
We could open a book together,
We could mark it with a feather,
Or we can embrace this destitute path,
Let’s enlighten their infertile wrath,
Clamp the blue of your heart with red,
Open the mixed purple together, let it spread,
Or bury these love beads beneath the sand,
Let go the lit ends, burn cigarettes bearing no brand,
Time will upheave your nostalgic thought,
I’ll hoist a sad flag, I’ll buy whatever you brought.


Rida Akhtar Ghumman is a 19 years old dilettante, successfully pursuing a Bachelor degree in English. They love writing for the mere sake of self pleasure but nobody minds some pounds handy. Their poetry is a reflection of what goes in their mind, obviously. It’s usually boggling with unadulterated ideas & then they decide to write.

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