You ask me if I care for you

I look at you suspiciously

Hesitate, and then respond

You doubt the sincerity of my reply


You ask me if I want you

Yes, like a cat desires a mouse

You eye my smirk with concern

I picture you, mouse, tail hanging from between my lips


You ask me if we’ll get married

I fake a stroke, stumble to the floor

You see through my theatrics and

ask the question again


You say that you are leaving

Bags packed you linger at the door

Half-heartedly, I attempt to stop you

You quickly give in and stay


You ask me to meet your parents

Faking another stroke just won’t do

I crap and wet my pants

You ease off of your demands for the day


You place a ring on my finger

An invisible noose tightens around my neck

My vision blurs, my tongue feels heavy

I sign 911 as I crumble to the floor.





 Toni G. had dreams of becoming a rap artist (Hence the name Toni G.) but due to life struggles (such as being an old fart and not having enough money to buy gold chains or gold caps for her teeth) she decided to forgo that career and become a poet. As you can tell by her piece being published in WFP, she hasn’t made it as a poet either. 




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