It’s Phillip

Phillip is the bug man, the bug
man is Phillip. Phillip has eyes
a blue to look through you.
So says Mingju

who met Phillip when he came
to inspect my place. Phillip
made Mingju feel weird. So
when she puts on lipstick

before Phillip is due, I say,
“You put on lipstick for Phillip,
didn’t you?” half-joking, but still.
Mingju just says, “No, I put it
on for you,” and

we are on the bare mattress,
peeled of its buggy skin. My
clothes I washed this

morning. They are in garbage
sacks in the middle of the floor;
that’s where Phillip said to put

them. You gotta seal the sacks
good so the bugs don’t get
out. Phillip was supposed to be
here at two. Now it’s three. And

Mingju plays with me. She
yanks her toy around. Her
lipstick smears in her kissing
of it as Phillip, I’m sure it’s

Phillip, makes up the stairwell
to the third floor, me thinking of
bugs. I just know it’s Phillip, but

Mingju peels her pants off, and
plants her vagina all around me.
Phillip now arrives on the landing
with his poison, and knocks.


Opham Denyer lives in New Jersey where he loves life and looks forward to the future. He is poor, but who needs money? His favorite things are dumpster diving and speaking in Korean.

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