it’s called that so i can find it whenever i need to

it’s always at the top of the list

sticking out of the mist like a mountain

you know like that famous painting on the cover of your romantic lit anthology



i don’t have time to read an a-z when i wish i was dead



here is the reminder

i am awake alive aware

i’m getting through each week and even if i don’t remember i am still doing it



yesterday i saw a cat & i cried

today i’m so in love with her i want to tell anyone who will listen

i want to write it in gasoline on my old school field



today i’m happy (& it’s really weird)

yesterday sucked but i ate food and slept

and even climbed the highest mountain in the solar system

which is on mars and it’s nice to be out of the wind




yesterday was yesterday was hard but i found this and i remembered

about the time i went a whole day not thinking about death




and i love my friends

and i love my breath on a cold day

so much i keep breathing



fuck it let’s try be kinda ok



the sun’s going down and i miss it already

talk about abandonment issues





it sounds like a scream

maybe i am screaming

but it’s a good scream

i’m pretty sure




this is a better poem that ‘zzz’ bc that’s got all the stuff i don’t want to be reminded of

the less we say about that poem the better


Rhys Feeney lives in Wellington, Aotearoa. He’s from somewhere else though. His work has been published before, yes. You can google it probably. He went to uni and studied nerd things but right now he’s working in a retail store (and if you’re one of those angry customers, fuck you).

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