wings & talons

birdsong nesting in my ears
drives away the mad, throbbing
song of him that remains
even after all these years and tears
after all the anger and pain and rage
falls away
i wonder if then, perhaps, i could be free
of his name;
but it is to him i gave my flowers and they say

you never forget your first—
like an unscripted law it's like a marriage
conscripted by bodies
even if they fall out of touch and out of want
for one another
i gave him all the pieces of my soul
yet it was not enough to satiate his greed
deeper and hotter than the flames of the sun
something in his scorn awoke
the warrior in me once i rose again after the death
he put me through,
and i am the phoenix
unwilling to lay before him in the darkness and die
rising always from the ashes of chaos and ruin
fashioning it as a compliment
made my edges sharp
i am the archangel of dreamers and i will shatter
every nightmare including him
with all these sharp teeth and claws
because when he broke my heart he forgot i had
wings and talons.


Linda M. Crate is an author, poet, and writer whose works have been published in numerous journals and anthologies both online and in print. She is the author of three published chapbooks and the Magic Series. 

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