Mosquito mosquito

Da humble mosquito
he cannot be beato
he know what to eato
he see me as meato
my arms and my feeto
he think are a treato
with books I will beato
but he is so fleeto
he jump and he cheato
his skill is completo
he fly off so neato
and should I succeeto
in squashing a ‘squito
three more mafi-ito
arrive incognito
dey turn up da heato
my arms and my feeto
dey crucify meto !
I lie in my sheeto
and dream of reveto !
But da clever mosquito
he never be beato


John Ling, aka Juicy John, having spent ten years working with autistic kids,  has learnt lots of ways to annoy people in charge. He now spend my days (seriously) in conflict resolution, and sending up all sorts of people in his writing.

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