Centred on the plush mattress,

I wanted to sink deep within it,

Feel the soft white padding smother me.

I saw nothing but the thin white shield that “Protected me from darkness”


The teeth of the wild bite furiously,

They gnaw into your flesh and imprint you,

They scar and scrape and scathe,



I wonder…

If his mother knew,

When he was teething,

What they would do?



I clocked out,

Lay back,

Wet my shield,

Until it lifted,

And I,

Permitted to see,

The scarlet mess of the battlefield.


Lou M (they like their anonymity) is starting her first year of university in the U.K. She is likely to be found lounging around in the sun like a cat…if cats liked drinking wine and getting horribly sunburnt. She is working on a poetry collection exploring female sexuality. She can be found on Twitter @LoobyLouLou9 or her blog https://43loulou34.wixsite.com/loulou 

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