The Expected Guest

He is sitting there staring out the window. Nothing ever changes in this unreal
city. Neither the weather nor the scenery. However today, at last, the expected
guest arrives. He is proud. Proud people are easy to manipulate. It is simple to
flatter them into doing exactly what you want them to.

The faded man wants his guest to feel comfortable, relaxed if possible. But the
first thing he asks is what that sound, high in the air, was. That awkward
murmur of lamentation. A crow? A seagull, perhaps?

The city becomes real, afterwards.


Cristina Bresser is a Brazilian writer who is fluent in English, Spanish and French. She graduated from Universidade Federal with a degree in Graphic Design and went on to study Creative Writing at University of Edinburgh in 2016. She has two published books: Torre de Papel (Paper Tower) a short stories anthology released in 2015 and  Quase tudo é risível (Almost Everything is Laughable) a 155 pages novel published in November 2016. Find more of her stuff at 

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