Not Knowing What To Do

the bane of indecision
i’m afraid
that if i don’t make a decision
my whole world
will fall apart
i’ll blow into the wind
become dust
but i’m already dust
or so the story goes
and eve had to know
all the secrets of the universe
double double toil and trouble
the serpent conjures work
sweat and tears
blood fertilizes the earth
and so my inner voice calls
‘be still’
and i let the apple go
snow white
i’ll remain another day
not poisoned
by this wolf
i’ll wait
for the answer
to come to me


Diane is apologetically Southern. (American.) She is a lifelong Mississippian and a chemistry/math teacher turned writer. Well, she quit her job and couldn’t find anything else to do. She’s supposedly renovating her grandparents’ hundred-year-old homestead. She can be found on Twitter @SheExclaimed and on the web at

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